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    Dolphins, whales, orcas... enjoy the natural spectacular offered by the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar. Realize your dream watch cetaceans face to face on our catamaran.

    We guarantee at least the watching of one whale specie, with a success of 98%. In case you don't see any kind of species, we will give you a free repetition ticket, without date of expire.

    All the passengers will have a sighted booklet with all the species of whales ever seen in the Strait of Gibraltar as a summary of informations. On the catamaran there will be more poster and book with more informations about whales and the strait environment.
    On board you will have biology guide and the instructions of university staging students (Marine Sciences and Biology) that will point you in the right place.

    Whales and dolphins watching
    - Regular excursion: daily departures from Tarifa from abril to october
    - Estimate duration: 2 h / 2 h 30 min
    - Prizes: - adults: 35 €; – kids (from 4 to 14 years): 22 €; – kids (from 1-3 years): 5€. Baby (0-1 year) free.

    Orcas watching
    - Regular excursion: daily departures from Tarifa, from July to the first of september
    - Estimate duration: 3 h / 3 h media
    - Prizes: – adults: 50€; – kids (from 4 to 14 years): 30€; – Kids (from 1-3 years): 10€. Baby (0-1 year) free.

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