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    A hot-air balloon trip is like lean out over the world from a balcony in the clouds: exciting, peaceful, romantic, fun, enjoyable, pleasant and of course, unforgettable. Make your dreams come true.

    Breakfast at the end of the activity: Andalusian breakfast

    Hour of departure: it will be confirmed some days before the trip; but it is usually about 30-60 min.
    before the sunrise, depending on the season and final meteorological conditions.

    - Arcos (Cádiz)
    - Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla)
    - Écija (Córdoba) o Córdoba
    - Ronda (Málaga)
    - Guadix (Granada) o Granada

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    Payment conditions: in advance, if you decide to don’t fly, we will reimburse yourself 100%, or you can decide to change the departure date (until 10 days before the flight, check your departure).

    We recommend that children should be from 6/7 years, although it depend each child. The reasons
    are that they enjoy their flight (enough height to look from the hot-air balloon, about 120cm. It’s not
    allowed to carry them in your arms)

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