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    A show that will make you feel the authentic experience of flamenco in Cádiz

    In the visit to the tablao we will enjoy a show of pure flamenco live. Dance for Tarantos, Alegrías, Soleares and Rondeñas. The broken voice of the "cantaores" and the melody of the flamenco guitar will be the culmination of a spectacular finale of bulerías. And all accompanied by Tapeo tasting, or Cena Flamenca, Gaditana ...

    Now in Cádiz we have recovered this ancestral gypsy tradition. We suggest you let yourself be seduced by good flamenco, by this expression of race, rhythm and beauty.

    Come and enjoy the echoes of the soul and the goblin. From a party atmosphere, wine and singing. It will revive the essence of cante jondo.

    [b] Days of show: [/ b]
    - From April 1 to June 30: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9:30 p.m.
    - July, August and September and until October 15: From Tuesday to Friday at 9:30 p.m.

    [b] Dinners: [/ b]
    - Flamenco dinner: ham, old sheep cheese, Spanish omelet, ham croquettes and special lemon rillettes.
    - Gaditana dinner: semi-cured cheese, melva with red pepper, Spanish omelet, little cubes of pink and shrimp omelettes.

    ** Both menus include drinks: Red, rosé or white house wine, beer,
    soft drinks or similar and wines from the land (chamomile, fine, muscatel) **

    [b] Prices: [/ b]

    - Show + Consume: € 22 / pax
    - Show + Flamenco dinner: € 37 / pax
    - Show + Gaditana Dinner: € 39 / pax
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